Roll N Scroll is a new company hitting the market by storm. Deriving from and now a sister company Metro Body & Equipment, Inc., a major body manufacturer in South Florida. Roll N Scroll is inspired by the growing market of mobile advertisement, finding a more affordable solution guaranteed!Roll n Scroll is new to the mobile advertising industry, but a veteran at building truck bodies. With over 15 years experience, we guarantee to deliver nothing less than what you expect. All advertising bodies and trailers are built to fit our customer's every need.

Our advertising bodies can be easily recognized due to that fact they resemble the paradise they are built in (Miami).All our bodies come equipped with self contained scrolling kits meaning they have no belts, external sensors or motors,all comes built into the actual roller. We recently upgraded to this scrolling kit because they are way more durable and efficient compared to the old scrolling kit we used. The scrolling kit is user friendly and very easy to maintain they can be programmed to hold up to 15 ads and can be controlled to scroll every 1-99 seconds.Our advertising bodies come with (standard) 4 display windows offering more bang for your buck. (most competitors only give you 3 display windows) Our advertising body comes equipped with a chrome gas cover and fiberglass fenders painted the same color as the body to give it a more aggressive and unique look.... When we first got in the business we realized all competitors use a smaller wheel base (axle to axle) giving the body a look we didn't like so we went with a longer wheel base to help with the look we were going for. (A true mobile advertising machine). We also realized these trucks can use a trailer hitch and no one offers it with there unit and decided it would be a good idea to throw one in there "just incase" they ever need to tow an advertising trailer or anything under 4 ton. So if your looking for a mobile advertising truck or trailer with style and its own personality let us custom build the one that fits you!

Roll N Scroll is the only company with the quickest profit turn around in the market. Our competitors pay for their fancy offices, websites, and lifestyle by charging you an extra $15,000-$20,000. Why should YOU pay for THEIR luxuries? At Roll N Scroll we pride ourselves in providing top quality products at more than affordable prices.

Got your ad space sold already? Not a problem! You can now send our Marketing and Advertising Team your design or have them design your ad space while your truck is being built. We will deliver your module with your ads already in it! The faster your on the road, the faster your business expands. Our Marketing Team can set up your Mobile Advertising business from A-Z!